___ What do we do?

We investigate the different phases that contribute to the experience of a product (for example, in food and beverage: sight, smell and taste), analyzing all of its characteristic elements.

The process begins before the actual collection of the neurophysiological data, with a rigorous protocol design process, which draws from neuroscience, ethnography, biology, psychology and sociology. In this way, we create protocols that allow us to obtain a 360° view of how the experience is perceived by human beings.

___ Our approach

Meet the Customer

The first step always consists in meeting with the Client or Partner, establishing a rigorous dialogue, which allows us to define in a clear and collaborative way what questions are to be answered.

Protocol design

This is one of the real benefits of working with a multidisciplinary team with five years of international experience in neuroscience and qualitative research. Once the Client’s needs are understood, Team Thimus draws from the different skills and disciplines in its wheelhouse and designs a specific investigation protocol, which is always tailor-made for the project, in a delicate balance between expert experience and innovation.

Data collection

* We use an electroencephalogram** (quantitative system) which, through electrodes positioned on the scalp, allows us to trace and record the electric waves that pass through the brain with very high temporal resolution (milliseconds). This tool allows us to understand brain wave frequency, intensity, and oscillations during the lived experience of a product.

Data analysis

Subsequently, this mass of collected data is translated (qualitative system) into information relating to the emotional and cognitive state of the test participants. The aim is to be rigorous in correlating neurophysiological data with qualitative investigations, arriving at a clear and easy-to-understand round-up for our Clients and Partners.

Reporting e discussione

The outcome of the study is presented and delivered in digital format, going into greater depth on the insights that emerged from data analysis. We also make sure to explain what goes on behind the scenes in the analysis process. In this phase, it is crucial to help the Client or Partner translate Thimus insights into concrete actions to improve the human experience under study.

___ Sectors

Over the years, Thimus has built a large database consisting of the results of various studies, which have mainly explored the food and beverage sector. In this area, Thimus’ expertise is highly structured and has embraced numerous research contexts on products and beverages, often in the phase directly prior to the market launch, with the aim of improving and enriching the client experience.

Most of the food products we buy and consume today will have to be radically rethought over the next 5 years. Sustainability, health, quality and emotion must become the key points of this re-invention. For this reason, Thimus strongly believes in the role that neuroscience and qualitative research, together, can play in creating the food of the future.

From this observation, Thimus sets out to build a multidisciplinary, international team and a network of high-profile contacts. The goal is to become key figures in the co-creation of food products in the coming years.

Naturally, Thimus’ strong experience in real-life applications has allowed the company to extend its work to a multitude of sectors, including the automotive, tourism, clothing, and sports industries.

Here are some examples of what has been done in recent years.