Humanizing Neuroscience

___ About us

Thimus acts as a magnifying glass: it helps its partners and clients look more deeply into the experiences of human beings, particularly those involving food.
Using the tools of cultural neuroscience, we gain an in-depth understanding of the behavior and motivations that drive human beings . We aim to build a holistic vision of how neurophysiological processes intertwine with cultural, social, and epigenetic elements.

With Thimus, the revolutionary potential of neuroscience has emerged from a laboratory setting to become a part of real life: getting to know the emotions and complex neurophysiological dynamics of particular groups of individuals helps us to better understand their expectations and emotions. That is why we work every day to push scientific research forwards on this issue — Because the complex relationship between brain, culture and behavior cannot be separated.

Our mission statement

Asking the right questions!

We carefully curate the questions we ask in an effort to promote a humanistic approach to technology. We see this deliberacy in our practice of science and use of technology as an advanced method at the service of humankind and our future development.

We have an eclectic and international working group

composed of engineers, psychologists, neuroscientists, business specialists, sensory analysis experts and analysts guided by the robust managerial experience of Mario Ubiali. What do all these people work towards? Ensuring that Thimus can be an internationally recognized voice on the future of cultural neuroscience and food systems.