If, to understand humans, you have to ask the right questions,

you cannot expect correct answers based on bad data. For this reason, over the past 3 years, Team Thimus has built robust and complete expertise in the field of EEG technologies and neurophysiological signal processing.

Thanks to our team of biomedical engineers and cognitive neuroscientists, we have developed a high-level proprietary data pipeline. From start to finish, this pipeline includes: 1) an easy-to-use and portable EEG device; 2) equipped with dry sensors that can be put on in less than a minute; and, 3) curated decontamination and analysis algorithms embedded within the hardware to unveil insights on human behavior.

Technological innovation takes the form of the best Italian craftsmanship. This means mastering every single detail, from the electrical brain activity to the insights offered to clients, to do something unique, that is, to customize each project, answering the complicated and important questions that are asked of us.