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From insects to synthetic meat, what will we eat tomorrow?

Feb 16, 2023

Veggie burgers, lab-grown meat, Co2 proteins, vertical farming, insect flour, space food: we need sustainable alternatives to feed the planet. Millennium Live returns with Alice Facchini (journalist) and Mario Ubiali (founder and CEO of Thimus), introduced by Ilaria Mauri (FQ Magazine).

Intreview with Mario Ubiali. Founder & CEO Thimus - ftalks Food Summit

Jan 17, 2023

Get to know the food protagonists of the future, present at ftalks Food Summit 2022, the global initiative that brings together the leaders of the change in the food sector driven by KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub.

Synthetic foods, Thimus: «Let's train the new generations: food is culture»

Jan 13, 2023

«I’d like to imagine my son eating a Camunian bean burger while I can savor a cut of Italian meat from a certified supply chain»

Cultured meat is not there yet, and maybe that's okay

Nov 24, 2022

Cultured meat is ready to arrive on our tables: so why aren’t we eating it? Perhaps the problems are not bureaucratic but still technical.