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Just a few weeks ago, Netflix launched #youarewhatyoueat.
A handful of intense seconds of presence of our CEO Mario Ubiali in the docuseries (Episode 4!) have brought attention to our work on human emotions and cognitive processes in food experiences on a global scale.
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“The collaboration with Thimus marks a significant milestone in consumer understanding.”
Fabio Campanile, Global Head of Science & Technology for Taste and Wellbeing at Givaudan.
Givaudan has being using the Thimus technology extensively into bringing a new layer of understanding to new product development, reformulation and all things concern with next generation flavour creation.

We champion you in the creation of Successful Food Experiences

With years of experience working in the Food & Beverage space, Thimus is supporting companies in the ideation of new products, consumer research, advanced quality assurance and reformulation.

We provide you with a tool that allows you to acquire repeatable and statistical data, that will support your strategic choices.


We collect data that cannot be captured by traditional market research: by successfully merging neuroscience and explicit data, we can explain and predict human behavior with food. This eliminates the bias of declared preferences.

Why Thimus

Fast product interactions

In product development and quality assurance and control the key is accuracy and speed. Our technology allows reliable and extremely fast product interactions saving you time, money and energy.

A simple answer to complex questions

Our mission at Thimus is to responsibly demystify the complexities of human experience with food.
We know companies need applicable and direct answers to their questions and we strive to provide them with readable and actionable data.

Reliable and flexible data

Our approach successfully applies to almost every area of your value chain. Not only collected data will be proved useful for different needs across your organization, but it will do so guaranteeing statistical validity.

Supercharge your approach

You don't need to disrupt and throw away years of experience and your methodology.
Our approach will seamlessly overlap and add a layer of unique insights that will put everything else in a new light.

How we support you

Product Reformulation

Supply Chain Modelling

QA/QC Empowerment

Sensory Evaluation

Market Research

Precision Retailing

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