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It’s exciting to see that our collaboration with Givaudan, global leader in Taste & Wellbeing has confirmed the potential of the T-Box platform, a cutting-edge technology delivering unique consumer insights powered by cultural neuroscience.

How did we come together?

In redesigning food products, consumers testing is a normal procedure leading to results. But are declared preferences totally reliable?

Thimus’ T-Box portable tech has been developed to read the actual consumer experience at an implicit level and provide Food & Beverage Companies key insights for a successful product launch.

Givaudan’s collaboration with Thimus represents the first extensive use of the T-Box platform in the food’s world, resulting in Givaudan’s new program: Food Emotions powered by Thimus. The agreement adds to Givaudan’s growing set of digital capabilities designed to deliver unique consumer insights and shape the future of food.

“Neuroscience has the unique ability to reveal how consumers truly feel about a product throughout the eating or drinking experience. The collaboration with Thimus marks a significant milestone in consumer understanding. It has the power to revolutionize how we co-create with our customers, increasingly satisfying consumers, and transforming the way the world eats while enabling more nutritious food choices.”

How does it work?


In addition to only having consumers participate in a focus group or answer a questionnaire, Thimus’ T-Box provides participants with a headset to wear during taste tests.


The headset records brain signals, which are then processed by validated algorithms to measure four key mental states including frontal asymmetry, engagement, cognitive workload and relaxation.


Using proprietary software and a cloud-based database for data analysis and retrieval, the tool is able to deliver insights that were previously unavailable or unreliable, including traditional survey results.

The T-Box technology has already been validated by Givaudan in several customer projects. The Technology will be available in some regions for selective customer use.

About Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing

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