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We took part in an exciting R&D project conducted in collaboration with KM Zero Food Innovation Hub , one of our research partners which Foundation mission is to accelerate the transition of the food system towards a fairer, more regenerative and healthy one.

Given the importance that the topic of alternative proteins has gathered throughout Europe in the last years and the steady growth of their market share, we focused this study on the perception of these typology of novel products in a fairly traditional market, such as the Spanish one.

Conducted during June 2022, we can consider this study to be relatable to the one conducted by the Standford University on identical twins, that was reported as part of the successful Netflix documentary “You are what you eat” issued in January 2024, in which Thimus is featured as well at the beginning of Episode 4!

The goal of the study was to understand how different plant-based options were performing against a 100% meat burger and a transitional product (50% meat – 50% plant-based burger).

We strongly believe that to create successful complementary meat products, it is crucial to first understand how these products are perceived both subjectively through verbal data, and objectively by analysing the different sensory stages.

Cultural neuroscience has shown once again that food is about more than nutrition: identity and memory come into play.

Discover the results of the study HERE